Ryan Donnelly


Ryan Donnelly provides services to primary production businesses and primary producer industry bodies.

Ryan's proposition to potential clients is to solidify social licence and a valid high-end market position for those businesses and industries that are constrained by cost competitiveness and community confidence and are prepared to establish and conform to high levels of operational standards that are reflected in environmental performance.

Ryan is a pragmatic fellow that values primary production and recognises that improvements to environmental performance and market competitiveness are integrally linked.

Based in the tropical gateway city of Cairns in Far North Queensland on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef, Ryan specialises in fostering collaboration between industry, management agencies, scientists and the market to add value to the effectiveness of natural resource management and with a view to maximising business profitability.

Ryan was recognised for his pragmatism within his community as the inaugural Chair of the Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership and retains ongoing roles as Chair of the Local Marine Advisory Committee and as Deputy Chair with Terrain Ltd (Wet Tropics Natural Resource Management) plus a history of involvement in numerous community and industry based initiatives.

Ryan achieved success in uniting the marine aquarium supply industry on the Great Barrier Reef to formally link modified day to day operational standards with mitigating identified ecological risks from the fishery, establishing and implementing a ground breaking research plan and a formal mechanism for industry to respond to environmental disturbance in collaboration with scientists and resource management agencies.

Ryan holds a Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours in Coastal Management and a Master of Science in Social, Cultural and Natural Resource Management.