Ryan Donnelly

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Marine Aquarium Supply Industry on the Great Barrier Reef

This formed the first part of a Climate Change Adaptation Plan funded by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

It was an integrated project that formed a baseline document from which predicted climate change impacts could be understood and management of the fisheries and operation of participating businesses could be adapted.

The project included the following components:

  • detailed supply chain analysis
  • profile of the climate change scenarios and associated predictions
  • implications for the Great Barrier Reef
  • trial of an alternative Ecological Risk Assessment method that incorporated indirect fishery impacts on habitat and the capacity of reefs to recover after disturbance
  • realigned and formalised management priorities for the conservation of biodiversity on the Great Barrier Reef
  • frank assessment of the existing integrated response mechanism for events linked to climate change
  • frank assessment of the vulnerability of the industry in the context of all of these factors

The second part of the Climate Change Adaptation Plan involves incorporating findings into the industry Stewardship Action Plan and developing change management capacity in participating businesses. Download the Final Report