Here is a cross section of Ryan's employment since taking up residence in Cairns in 2004:

Reef Restoration Foundation Ltd
Chief Executive Officer 2020 - now

Reef Restoration Foundation is a not for profit social enterprise that is building the resilience of coral reefs and communities amid a changing climate. The organisation was the first to be granted a permit for reef restoration in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and established the first coral nursery at Fitzroy Island on 7 December 2017. The operation has multiple nurseries tended by a small but dedicated team of reef restoration specialists aided by a small army of volunteer divers from all compass point of the Cairns community. Ryan's role is to lead the organisation. Visit the website

Cairns Marine Pty Ltd

Strategic Projects Manager 2006-2020

Cairns Marine is the worlds leading supplier of marinelife for display in aquaria. The third generation family business has an international reputation as the benchmark for sustainable practices in these fisheries and is the poster child for stewardship in commercial fishing on the Great Barrier Reef. Ryan's role is to seek and capitalise on opportunity for the business. Among numerous fundamental changes at the business that Ryan initiated since his arrival in 2006 that have sought to elevate the general level of professionalism, Ryan initiated business branding to reflect a high end market position and drove a shift to a corporate organisational model with structured planning and professional financial management. Visit the website

Pro-vision Reef Inc.

Project Manager 2006-2020

Pro-vision Reef Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that is at the forefront of industry stewardship on the Great Barrier Reef. In the face of global climate change and the modern need for industries to establish a social license to operate, Ryan developed a mechanism that coordinates an all-of-industry response to the mitigation of fishery risks that are identified through an established government process. Further, it established a partnership with the Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies to improve the information fed to the Ecological Risk Assessment that guides management of the fishery. The Stewardship Action Plan for the fisheries that supply marinelife for display in aquaria is a landmark initiative that establishes a benchmark for industry stewardship on the Great Barrier Reef and has been widely recognised as a blueprint for other managed industries operating in the World Heritage Area. Visit the website

Reef and Rainforest Research Centre Ltd

Senior Research Manager 2012-2015

RRRC Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation that administers research programs in tropical environments. During Ryan's time, RRRC administered the Tropical Ecosystems Hub of the National Environmental Research Program. Research activity at the Hub focused on three geographical nodes, including the Great Barrier Reef, Wet Tropics Rainforests and the land and sea assets of Torres Strait. Ryan's role was to administer the Great Barrier Reef program and to deliver the Science Communications activities of the Hub. Visit the website

Cairns Region Engineering Network

General Manager 2005-2006

CREN was one of several business networks established under the umbrella of the Cairns Region Economic Development Corporation (CREDC). It was a member-based not-for-profit organisation that sought to increase regional competitiveness of the engineering and manufacturing sector through business collaboration. Ryan's role was to develop an inventory of regional capability and capacity, to identify opportunities and to match the appropriate combination of businesses to the opportunity.

Ecofish TNQ Ltd

Executive Officer 2004-2006

Ecofish TNQ was a business network established under the CREDC umbrella. It was a member-based not-for-profit organisation that sought to promote the products and capacity of the seafood and marine industry sectors in Far North Queensland. Ryan's role was to represent the interests of the seafood industry, in particular, during a time of significant change.