Ryan Donnelly

Stewardship Action Plan for the Marine Aquarium Supply Industry on the Great Barrier Reef

An initiative for the marine aquarium supply industry on the Great Barrier Reef to drive fishery improvement through industry collaboration with management and science. It is a highly targeted method of fishery risk mitigation that is replicable across other commercial fisheries and in other primary industries. The success of the initiative is grounded in partnerships. Read more

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Marine Aquarium Supply Industry on the Great Barrier Reef

This was a baseline study that explored the implications of climate change on an industry that is not only reliant on the natural resources of the Great Barrier Reef but, like other commercial fisheries, is sensitive to a multitude of factors not immediately associated with climate change. Read more

Rapid Ecological Assessment of the Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

This was a cruise of the remote Raja Ampat Islands with some of the worlds foremost scientists to map the biodiversity hotspots and to identify where multiple use terrestrial and marine protected areas might operate. It was a precursor to the Coral Triangle Initiative. Read more

Managing for Sustainability: the Live Reef Food Fish Trade in Solomon Islands

This was Ryan's Master of Science thesis, which was completed in conjunction with a contract with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. The project was undertaken from 1999 to 2002, which coincided with ethnic tension and violence in Solomon Islands. Read more