Ryan Donnelly


Rapid Ecological Assessment of the Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

This was a project funded by US NGO The Nature Conservancy and the Worldwide Fund for Nature. Ryan accompanied some of the worlds’ foremost marine and terrestrial scientists on a three-week voyage around the Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia's Papua Province.

The purpose of the voyage was to catalogue plant and animal species diversity and abundance and to work with communities to establish a network of integrated protected areas whilst preserving subsistence resource use and sustainable commercial uses.

In addition to assessing the status of the live reef food-fish trade and the shark fin fishery and reporting on the status of customary resource management, Ryan was co-author of the socioeconomic conditions chapter and editor of the multidisciplinary report that arose from the voyage.

Chapters included:

  • Socio-economic Conditions
  • Coral Reef Fishes
  • Coral Diversity and the Status of Coral Reefs
  • Status of Sea Turtle Populations
  • Coastal Botanical Survey
  • The Live Reef Food-Fish Trade
  • Shark Fin Fishery
  • Priority Conservation Areas

The Raja Ampat Islands form a central component of the Coral Triangle and is referred to as the heart of the heart of biological diversity. The Rapid Ecological Assessment formed part of the foundation work that led to the international Coral Triangle Initiative. Download the Final Report