Ryan Donnelly

Stewardship Action Plan for the Marine Aquarium Supply Industry on the Great Barrier Reef

The Stewardship Action Plan was developed by Ryan on behalf of Pro-vision Reef Inc. and was primarily funded by the Australian Government's Caring For Our Country Program.

It is designed to mitigate ecological risk from the coral fishery on the Great Barrier Reef and for the marine aquarium supply industry to play its part in the promotion of reef resilience and the conservation of biological diversity by ensuring the sustainability of their fishery.

The initiative responds directly to the scientific Ecological Risk Assessment developed by the fishery management agency, Fisheries Queensland.

Species are identified as being at some level of risk from the activity of the fishery on the basis of life history characteristics, including known distribution and abundance, fecundity and habitat preference; interaction with the fishery; and uncertainty of species characteristics, including correct identification.

Developed in conjunction with project partners from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Fisheries Queensland and the Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, the Stewardship Action Plan assigns collection standards in the water that are designed to mitigate the identified risks.

A Research Plan has been devised whereby industry provides samples to scientists for analysis. The Research Plan will either validate the collection standards or prompt them to be adjusted.

The purpose of this method is to add value to, and hasten, the existing continuous improvement model for environmental performance for the fishery.

The Stewardship Action Plan is web-based so that it can be updated as new information arises.

Check it out at www.provisionreef.org.au

or watch the video.